• Economic Commentary – June 2017

    A wise man once said to me that “businesses do not stand still, they’re either moving forwards or backwards”. If this is true of businesses then surely the same thing can be said of leaders and we await with cautious interest the next political steps for our country. The recent UK election has cast yet […]...more

  • Market Commentary April 2017

    If you have made considerable investment gains since June 2016 – Don’t thank us, thank Brexit!!! It has now been ten months since the UK voted, by a small margin, to leave the EU and in that time most of our clients have received their annual or bi-annual valuation. You will have noticed spectacular investment […]...more

  • Budget Update – April 2017

    Another budget comes and goes with no amendments to pension legislation or tax relief. Phillip Hammond announced one significant change which will impact on some tax planning strategies. The dividend allowance has been reduced from £5,000 per annum per person to £2,000 per annum from April 2018. The tax rates on dividends after this allowance […]...more

  • Economic Commentary – January 2017

    May I begin this edition by wishing all of our clients a happy and prosperous 2017. 2016 certainly presented us with many challenges, but I am pleased to announce that Gould Financial Planning managed to negotiate these challenges whilst also; Achieving British and International standards accreditation. These awards are reflective of the hard work all […]...more

  • New Model Advisor Top 100 Advisors

    Congratulations to all associated with Gould Financial Planning. We have recently been confirmed as one of the top 100 Financial Advisory firms in the UK. Thank you to all of our clients and professional connections for your ongoing support....more

  • US Elections and Market Reactions

    So, against the odds we have woken this morning to learn that Donald Trump has won the race to become the President of the United States. With a Clinton victory apparently being the most likely outcome according to most, it comes as little surprise that there was an initial sell-off as markets responded to this […]...more

  • The name is Bond

    As clients of Gould Financial Planning will know, we firmly believe that diversification of assets is the best way of helping you achieve your long term goals whilst reducing the impact of volatility insofar as is possible. It is a drum which we have been beating since the firm was founded, and it’s a beat […]...more

  • Economic Commentary September 2016

    Remember Jimmy Connors? He was a winner, indeed in the 1970’s he was the top tennis player for a total of 268 weeks. Jimmy puts his success down to the fact that he hated to lose more than he loved to win. Actually, this is true of most of us, especially when it comes to […]...more

  • Tax Intelligence

    An individual can generate taxable income this tax year of up to £22,000 and pay no income tax A ‘One Nation’ Tory party to tackle the Brexit negotiations – what is this likely to mean to you? Probably higher inflation due to depreciation in sterling, and increased taxation to tackle the deficit. It is therefore […]...more

  • UK Commercial Property – The Brexecution?

    The Vote The UK’s recent decision to vote out at the EU referendum was always likely to have an impact on financial markets. We initially saw a sell-off in equity markets, UK government bond yields falling to new lows and a quick decline in the value of sterling. This was quickly followed by a recovery […]...more

  • Budget 2016 Summary

    This was George Osborne’s eighth Budget and fortunately for the industry it didn’t produce the shock waves of Budget 2014 which introduced ‘Pension Freedoms’, and nor did we see any changes to the current pension legislation other than a little welcome clarity in a couple of areas of pension flexibility. The Chancellor announced that this […]...more

  • Setting aside monies for minor grandchildren

    When setting aside money for your grandchildren there are two legal structures available for you: – – You can set up a bare trust – the funds are formally held in a separate trust entity – You can set up on an ‘account designate basis’ – the funds are still ‘yours’ The funds that you […]...more

  • Economic Commentary January 2016

    Debts; As the introduction to this section might suggest, we are extremely keen for our clients to repay debt as a priority! Verdict: Our stance has always been, and continues to be, that debt repayment should be the number one priority. Cash; Whilst interest rate rises are looking increasingly likely at some stage during 2016, […]...more

  • Introduction to January 2016 Economic Commentary

    May I start by wishing all of our clients, contacts and other readers of our economic commentary well over the festive season and a prosperous 2016 At this time of the year we review the year that has just gone and we share our thoughts for 2016 and beyond. Earlier this year I was drawn […]...more

  • Higher Risk, Same Reward

    For the right type of individual, an investment into Venture Capital Trusts (VCT) or Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS) can make sense. These investments offer the following qualities;  Access to a portfolio of young, emerging companies with the potential for significant capital growth.  The ability to claim income tax relief at 30%.  In […]...more

  • Peer to Peer Lending

    Many of our clients have been asking us about Peer to Peer lending, and what we think of the investment proposition, and it is an investment area which we have been monitoring for some time. What is Peer to Peer Lending? Peer to Peer lending is a form of borrowing/lending between individuals or companies, without […]...more

  • Low Risk Assets

    Evolving Levels of Risk As many of our clients will be aware, the ‘Low Risk’ asset class has been put under the microscope constantly by us over the past few years. Typical investments which, traditionally, have been considered as “low risk” will include government bonds, corporate bonds and other fixed income instruments. Our concerns have […]...more

  • State pension top ups now available!

    You may have read about the changes in State Pension that take place for those reaching State Pension age after 5th April 2015. The State Pension will not be worse for those reaching State Pension age after 5th April, and in many cases it will be significantly better. In order to give those who have […]...more

  • Oil – The Imperfect Storm

    At Gould Financial Planning, we operate a disciplined investment process aimed at minimising the impact of market volatility upon your financial wealth. Our investment process is very much risk-focused in so far as we believe that investing is all about time in the market as opposed to timing the market. Therefore, we will rarely speculate […]...more

  • Exam success

    Following the recent pension changes introduced by the Government I am pleased to announce that Andy Gait is one of the first financial advisers to pass the new ‘Pension Update’ examination introduced by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII). Andy now holds all of the pension qualifications examined by the CII; in particular he holds the […]...more

  • Economic Commentary – July 2015

    We are now half way through 2015 and some of the major uncertainties that could have impacted unfavourably on the UK economy have receded. The UK public have returned a Conservative majority, Greece and Germany have done a deal to prevent a possible break-up of the Euro and the Bank of England has signalled their […]...more

  • Summer Budget: Changes to the taxation of Dividends

    I wanted to write to you to highlight the significant changes to the taxation of dividends announced in the Summer Budget 2015. Currently, dividends are paid with a notional 10% tax credit. As a result, basic rate taxpayers suffer no tax on dividend income, whilst for higher rate taxpayers the effective tax rate is 25% […]...more

  • BUDGET: Further pension funding available in 2015/16

    During the summer budget Osborne quietly made changes to pension input periods. “In advance of the introduction of the tapered annual allowance for higher earners, transitional rules have been introduced from Budget Day to align pension input periods with the tax year by April 2016 and to protect any savings already made before the budget […]...more

  • The Government Finally Rewards Savers

    If you are male born before 6th April 1951 or female born before 6th April 1953 this article may be of great benefit to you. In the 2013 Autumn Statement, the government announced its intention to introduce a scheme to allow certain people to top up their Additional State Pension.  This was finalised in the […]...more

  • Invest up to £50,000 into Premium Bonds!

    From 1 June 2015 you can invest £50,000 in Premium Bonds making this a great opportunity for you to save more tax-free and potentially win more prizes offered by National Savings & Investments (NS&I). About Premium Bonds NS&I Premium Bonds give you the chance every month to win £1 million. Instead of paying interest, they […]...more

  • What next for the Bond market?

    For a number of years now, Gould Financial Planning have held the view that the bond market is overpriced. We have felt that with the long bull market that we have seen, and with interest rates likely to rise at some point, clients should be looking to minimise their exposure lest they suffer what we […]...more

  • The Family Pension

    Under the recent pension legislation changes, private pension wealth can be passed on to other family members, in some cases completely tax-free. For those looking to manage investments for the next generation, this is an eye-catching opportunity. It opens up the concept of the pension family tree. Children or grandchildren can inherit your pension, and […]...more

  • Holidays from hell?

    I’m sure I’m not the only employment lawyer who has been fielding calls and emails this past month from employers anxious to know what the recent and well-publicised Employment Appeals Tribunal decision on holiday pay means for them. Employers, workers and lawyers alike are all still trying to work out the implications of last month’s […]...more

  • Economic Commentary

    As we begin to look forward into 2015, I should start by wishing you and your families a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. 2014 has been an interesting year for financial markets; despite continued growth in domestic equity markets and other developed economies across the globe, and many supposed ‘good news’ stories, national […]...more

  • Infrastructure as a Property Asset

    At Gould Financial Planning we believe that diversification of assets is key in minimising volatility and reducing overall risk. This belief applies equally to the property asset class and in recent years we have introduced infrastructure investments into our client’s portfolios as an alternative property play. Our investment of choice has been the HSBC infrastructure […]...more

  • An Interesting Proposition

    The government has now set out much of the blueprint for their new pensioner bonds under the National Savings & Investments banner. There will be two different bonds available; A one year bond, paying gross interest of 2.8% per annum. The maximum investment amount is £10,000 per person. A three year bond, paying gross interest […]...more

  • Patience – the rarest of all commodities!

    The natural resources story is a simple one; supply of oil, gold and other sought after commodities is finite, whilst the global population is rising and living to an older age, thus creating higher demand over time. We believe that this points to an upward curve in prices over the long term; however, in the […]...more

  • The £1000 Challenge

    The team at Gould Financial Planning would like to take this opportunity to wish our clients and professional colleagues a healthy and prosperous 2015. Prosperity arises both from wealth creation and spending your wealth wisely – and this can sometimes be a challenge in a world where the utility companies and the like take advantage […]...more

  • Your current Medical Insurance Company will not want you to know this

    Private medical insurance is a big investment for many people and one where the annual increases can be significant. If you have not reviewed your cover for many years this article is for you. ...more

  • Intestacy – who gets what when you tie the knot

    The event of death hit the spotlight in Mr Osborne’s recent speech. Hot off the heels of the changes proposed to pension fund death benefits came a revamp in intestacy laws in England and Wales....more

  • Personal Investment Companies

    For taxpayers looking at ways they might mitigate future inheritance tax (IHT) bills, trusts have historically featured high on the list. However, concerns over control has resulted in many people being reluctant to transfer their hard-earned cash to a trust. Personal Investment Companies could be your answer....more

  • ‘People who have worked and saved all their lives will be able to pass on their hard- earned pensions to their families tax-free.’

    Pensions - more good news for those who have built up pension funds in ‘defined contribution’ plans (such as personal pensions or self-invested personal pensions)....more

  • Henderson UK Property OEIC

    Many of our client’s will be invested into the Henderson UK Property which has enjoyed a good year, generating a return of 10.2% versus a sector average of 6.9%...more

  • Clever pensions

    COMPULSORY pensions will be implemented on companies from October 2012 under the new National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) legislation. ...more

  • National Employment Savings Trust (NEST)

    Pension provision has become big news on local radio of late and it is only 55 days before COMPULSORY PENSIONS under the National Employment ...more

  • Auto Enrolment and the National Employment Savings Trust (NEST)

    COMPULSORY pensions will be imposed on companies from October 2012 under the new National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) legislation....more