Code of Ethics

Our mission is ‘to help our clients to achieve their personal financial objectives through our integrity, skill, diligence and experience’.

Our staff agree to abide by Chartered Insurance Institute Code of Ethics. This involves complying with all relevant laws and regulations including acting with the highest ethical standards and integrity, acting in the best interest of clients, providing a high standard of service, and treating people fairly regardless of race, sex, religion, age or disability.

This is important as honesty and integrity builds trust, which in turn builds relationships with our clients.

Ethics define what is acceptable, unacceptable, admirable, and disgraceful.

We know that trust takes time to build, but can be lost in an instant. We must ensure that:

  • Our qualifications, training and experience are used to provide a competent service to our clients.
  • We provide a consistent high level service which meets our clients’ expectations.
  • We provide clients with regular updates meeting the service levels our clients expect.
  • If mistakes are made then these are brought to our clients’ attention in a timely manner.


Our key corporate values:

Staff commit to continuous learning and the pursuit of higher qualifications.

Fees are based on the time a task takes and at an hourly rate depending on the level of qualification deemed necessary to complete the task. Our costs must be made clear in an estimate and agreed at the outset with our clients.

‘Two heads are better than one’ – All advice provided to our clients is put together by two members of staff qualified to at least Diploma level.

Gould Financial Planning Ethical code

We must respect client confidential information.

We have a commitment to learning and improving our knowledge to adapt to sudden and/or frequent changes in our industry.

Our Engagement Letter is sent to clients detailing our costs for new work, and agreement is confirmed prior to completing any work. We will monitor time spent on a job and refer back to clients if the costs are escalating with reasons before going any further.

We aim to meet agreed standards of service. If this is not possible we will communicate this to clients.

Mistakes happen to us all. If a mistake is made we report it immediately to the firm’s compliance officer. We will ensure that clients are put in the same position financially as if instructions were carried out correctly.